Bodyguard Athletes

Here at BODYGUARD we are building a NATION one ATHLETE at a time!




Brand Reps & Athlete Rules & Guidelines


  1. Each Athlete has to have at least one item to represent the brand when working out and making social media posts.
  2. Each Athlete gets their own personalized 10% Discount Code to share with their following as well as a larger shared discount code for their personal use.
  3. Every 10 times an athletes code is used they earns a FREE shirt of their choice.
  4. Each Athlete must have their personalized discount code, and @BODYGUARDclothing profile link in their social media bio's (Instagram).
  5. Recommended to schedule a BODYGUARD photoshoot with a local photographer, while wearing your outfits.
  6. Each Athlete should at least once a week wear BODYGUARD during a workout, and make a post tagging @BODYGUARDclothing.  You can recirculate photos or posts you choose too, they just need to be posted for at least a few days.


"I want all of you to know that here at BODYGUARD we are not just clothing company with awesome apparel! We are more of a Family, Supporting each other on all of our journeys!"


#WeGotYourBack #BodyGuardNation